Prestige Winners Prepare for Fall Incentive - Cabo Wabo!

October 9, 2017

Prestige Financial Group agents are all set for some fun in the sun as they head down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The agents will depart on Wednesday, November 1 and return after a great weekend in Cabo. We are excited to have our usual winners and also add a new winner to the trip this year. The winners for this year's incentive trip are Adam Yetter and his guest Shepherd, Mike Bahara his guest Rhonda Orta, and our new winner is Harley Reid who is taking her mother...exciting! 


Los Cabos is a wonderful and interesting place to visit, with lots to do and much to learn about the area. We have put together a list of useful, interesting and fun facts for your enjoyment.


1. Los Cabos is a popular destination, largely due to the fact that the weather is wonderful almost year-round. Average summer temperatures range between 70 and 100°F, and average winter temperatures range between 50 and 80°F. With a year-round average temperature of about 78°F, and around 350 of sun, any month is a great month to visit Cabo!


2. Cabo San Lucas has been called the Striped Marlin Capital of the World, and it is rumored that more striped marlin have been caught in Cabo than anywhere else in the world. Cabo is also home to the Bisbee's Black and Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament-the world's richest fishing tournament, which is held every October and offers a $3 million prize to the winner. Bisbee's Offshore Tournaments also hosts other fishing tournaments in the area.


3. El Arco and the Arch refer to the arch-shaped rock formation that makes up a part of the larger Land's End rock formation, also known as El Finisterra. The Arch famously juts out into the ocean as the extreme southern tip of Baja California, and marks the spot where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. The Land's End outcrop is a popular tourist attraction and includes the Arch, as mentioned above, as well as the Window to the Pacific and Lover's Beach.


4. There is a phenomenon that occurs every few years in which a beach is visible around the El Arco. Sometimes it is even possible to walk under the arch when this occurs. The event is caused by the tides and is very hard to predict, although there are various theories postulating that the phenomenon occurs every 7 years, every 4 years, etc. The most recent photos of the beach's appearance around the arch are from 1989 and 2008.


5. There is a popular dive spot that features an underwater sand waterfall, where sands cascade down into a 1,200 foot canyon below. The dive spot is for advanced divers only, and was first discovered by Jacques Cousteau during his adventures in Baja.


6. Jacques Costeau once called the Sea of Cortez "The Aquarium of the World," and it is not hard to guess why. The waters near Cabo are teeming with fascinating marine life, including sea lions, dolphins, sea turtles, schools of large fish, beautiful corals, sea urchins and more! The destination truly offers amazing snorkeling, kayaking and boating experiences.


Stay tuned for some amazing photos from our trip AND to hear about next year's location! Here's a hint: Central America!




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