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We provide monetary benefits directly to the policyholder, providing additional income to fill gaps created by traditional insurance and additional expenses associated with travel, deductibles, and time away from work.

Our products have a UNIQUE RETURN OF PREMIUM benfit: if a client keeps their policy for a specified period of time they are refunded 100% of the premium they paid in, less any claims paid out!


Cancer Coverage

Cancer impacts millions of Americans each year and millions more are left feeling overwhelmed when the disease strikes a family member. While the patient must face the days, weeks, or months of exhausting treatment, the family members caring for the patient often have their own battle to face – the challenges that can arise from the overwhelming cost of treatment include time off of work, dining out, gas, flights, hotel, etc. Our policies provide the family with extra money to handle these unexpected costs.



Heart Coverage

The number of people suffering from heart attacks and strokes is historically high and expected to rise, even as the medical community pursues more effective prevention and diagnostic measures to eradicate these diseases. Our Heart Attack and Stroke Plan has benefits specifically geared toward containing the out-of-pocket costs associated with a heart related illness.



ICU Coverage


Severe Illness or injury often strikes without warning and can require a stay in the intensive care unit. Our Intensive Care Unit coverage is designed specifically for this type of hospital stay and provides benefits for confinements in a hospital intensive care unit for any covered illness or accident.



Hospital Indemnity


Whether planned or unplanned, a stay in the hospital can be the source of great stress and worry for both patient and family. The deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments can be confusing and often leave you paying out-of-pocket for more than you planned for. The Family Heritage Hospital Indemnity plan is designed specifically to offset those out-of-pocket expenses when you or a family member has a stay in the hospital. And, like all of our products, benefits will be paid directly to you, regardless of your other coverage.






Life Insurance

Life insurance provides the ultimate protection for your family, easing financial burden in the event of a premature death of a loved one. We’ve designed two plans that allow you to secure your family’s future.  One plan is designed for adults, while the other is designed to protect the important child in your life.  Both plans share similar features.  All of our adult plans are a unique combination of term & whole life.  



Accident Coverage

While none of us can predict when an accident will occur, we can certainly be prepared for them. We encourage our customers to “expect the unexpected” and protect themselves with our Accident plans that provide coverage for the bodily injuries that can result from life’s accidents. Because when these unplanned events occur, you want to focus on what is most important – getting well.



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