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The Roller Coaster of Emotions


We've all been there.  The excitement with getting offered a position within PFG, only to be followed by the anxiety of  "Can I do this?"


Well the answer, in short, is "YES!"


Make no mistake, not everyone is cut out for what we do, that's why we are one of the highest paid professions in the world.  Most importantly, our job is not complicated.  It's actually quite simple and systematic.  If you are willing to work hard, study hard, and be coachable, you will have a very rewarding career at PFG.  


Understand this, every new agent offered a position is filled with hope, optimism, and the desire to succeed.  However, at the end of the day, we are all humans and it's in our nature to want to protect our well being.  So, it's not uncommon for any new agent to have doubt as well.  That doubt can stem from the belief in your own ability, or it could be influenced by someone close to you such as a spouse, friend, or relative.  Rest assured, this feeling is natural and completely normal.  In fact, it's so common, we describe it as the emotional roller coaster.  Stay focused, and work hard and you will soon see this roller coaster has some AMAZING views!!  







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