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"When I purchased our cancer policy, we had two major medical health insurance policies.  One through my wife, who is a teacher, and one through myself from a rehab hospital and Luling Texas.  I didn't think I needed the supplemental cancer policy but took it for the 100% refund.  Unfortunately, my son Joey was diagnosed with braincancer at the young age of 15.  He battled cancer for two years and even though we had great coverage, there was still out-of-pocket deductibles and unforeseen costs that had to be met.  We traveled numerously to Houston and even live there for weeks while Joy was being treated.  All my transportation and hotel expenses were reimbursed back to me, I received over $70,000 and I think God I had a family heritage policy.  Every man, woman, and child should have a cancer policy.  Joy was a brave young man who never showed for your drink his bottle and is willing to do anything and go anywhere as he fought the good fight.  He wanted to live in frequently told me "Dad, trust God".  That's exactly what we did and Family Heritage helped us afford to give our son the best care." 


Sincerely & in Joey's Step,


Stockdale, Texas


Cancer Claim: $70,247

"What an awesome day to recieve a check for reimbursement on over 20 years of premiums in FULL!! Was told that would be the case upon signing up, but wasn't focused on that part.  Now it has happend and is kind of unbelievable!" 



Round Rock, Texas


Return of Premium: $19,968



"Family Heritage is an EXCELLENT company! So glad I have this insurance!"



Houston, Texas


Cancer Claim: $75,644

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